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New Construction in Mt. Pleasant

Word is out that Mount Pleasant is one of America’s best seaside towns. There’s still plenty of old fishing village charm and a variety of housing options and price ranges. Mount Pleasant is so conveniently located to the beaches and downtown Charleston that it’s one of the most popular choices in the tri-county area. Mount Pleasant has always had steady growth, but when the economy picked up, builders responded to the boom. Rapid housing growth in Mount Pleasant has been the source of debate among residents and the Town Council since the economy picked up. All agree that growth is good for Mount Pleasant, but it must be carefully managed. In March 2015, the Town Council outlined a new growth management plan that would reduce residential density, increase transportation impact fees and raise taxes to purchase and develop public green space. Mayor Linda Page states purpose of the plan is to “manage growth to preserve quality of life, public safety, education, recreation, mobility, culture and history”.  One of the most well received aspects of the plan is to increase taxes in order to buy and develop public green spaces.
For new construction, the plan eliminates a developer’s ability to increase the housing density of their approved projects. It also requires multifamily projects in the town’s urban corridor to have 100% commercial street frontage. Mount Pleasant is a small town – only 41 square miles, and a significant portion of those miles are marsh. There is new construction under way in several areas, but we may see a significant decline in new construction options once those units are sold. If you’d like to build a home in Mount Pleasant, now’s the time. Ryland, David Weekley, Saussy Burbank, Cline, Sabal, Burton Company, Structures, Pulte,  FrontDoor and  JacksonBuilt are all well-known new home builders in the Mt Pleasant neighborhoods in addition to those custom builders who limit the number of homes they build annually. Don't visit models without representation as there is no break on the price to do so and you then do not have an advocate on your side.  We are happy to assist you in negotiating the best deal on a new home. If you do want to visit alone, just tell the on-site agent that you are working with a Realtor and once you have narrowed your choices, we are happy to lead the way to adding as much value to your choice as possible.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CAROLINA PARK NEIGHBORHOOD where much of the new building is taking place. Also there are new townhomes in Bowman Park hitting the market June 2016 - has now arrived.


IF YOU WANT TO BUILD YOURSELF STARTING FROM SCRATCH, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR AN INTRODUCTION TO A QUALITY BUILDER. There are many smaller builders who build just a few houses a year that are excellent as well.

New Construction in the Immediate Charleston Area

We do work with the best agents in the Summerville area if you are interested in the new construction of that area. That is where the majority of new construction exists and in a very affordable price range. We personally concentrate on the Mt Pleasant and close-to-downtown Charleston areas that we know well. It is difficult for any one agent to know it all, and we recognize where we are the best.

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