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We typically do not sell in these areas, but know the best agents that do. Please contact us for a referral as we are always happy to help.

North Charleston

In general, North Charleston has had a bad rap in the past, but is being revitalized and becoming a more respectable address to choose for your home. Homeowners are anxious to make the neighborhoods safe and friendly. If you don't care what your fellow worker might think, you can laugh all the way to the bank by choosing a wonderful home on or near the river, conveniently located to eliminate a long commute. 

Sometimes parts of North Charleston are now considered Summerville. Check your map for the exact address.

 Park Circle      

Liberty Hill of Park Circle was founded in 1878 as a community of freed slaves. This area includes many homes occupied by fifth generation owners. The layout of Park Circle, which includes a mixed-use recreation center designed in the late 19th century, still reflects its original vision as a melting pot for residents who enjoy recreation.



Noisette is a 3,000 acre city-within-a-city.The Noisette plan is encouraging increased density in the city area, walking-distance access between neighborhoods and city/commercial resources, improved and integrated city/regional transit options, reduced and slower traffic flow, expanded open space and recreational options, and reestablishment of community links to major environmental assets like the Cooper River.


Flowertown in the Pines, as Summerville is also known as, was once considered the escape from the mosquito ridden marshes of the coast and low country. Here one still enjoys the plantations, golfing, and gardens in Dorchester County’s largest community with a population of approximately 28,000. But what Summerville mostly offers is still small town living with small town values in a quickly growing city. Just up the US 26 Interstate from Charleston about 30 minutes.

Summerville is the home of the annual YMCA Flowertown Festival, which draws over 250,000 people each spring. Other popular events include Sculpture in the South and theatrical performances by the Flowertown Players.

There is an increasing number of small subdivisions and neighborhoods from which to choose the type of housing that you desire. Typical housing includes Charleston singles architecture as well as many homes on one level. The original neighborhood around the center of Summerville and the many churches there, wrap around the hills of that area providing ample lots with a multitude of trees and bushes of the area.The higher elevation of this pine-forest ridge fosters millions of blossoms, which are celebrated in Azalea Park every Spring. Nature enthusiasts enjoy horseback riding, birding, and kayaking. 

Historic Summerville Real Estate has old world SC charm.

There is an old village with historic homes and mansions in Summerville which has expanded to include a variety of wonderful Summerville new neighborhoods with amenities and golf courses and retirement communities. This is more affordable living and not so close to the beaches, but the prices reflect the location. There is both value and beauty in Summerville, SC. Old historic Summerville properties are enchanting.

Goose Creek

Goose Creek is considered part of the N Charleston /Summerville metro area. Most of the Naval Weapons Station Charleston is in Goose Creek.  There are some significant housing projects popping up there to accommodate growth to the area. One such neighborhood is Nexton and worth a look.


North on 17 from Mt Pleasant is Awendaw, named by the Sewee tribe. It is also home to an oyster shell mound created by the Sewee tribe. Most of the mound is still intact. The rest of it was destroyed to construct roads and homes for the residents of Awendaw. Awendaw was settled in 1696 as "Wappetaw" by settlers from Salem, Massachusetts, who had left after the Salem Witch Trials.

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