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The exquisite mansions and gardens are discovered in the neighborhood called “South of Broad”. Here’s what the tourists come to see; ride in a horse drawn carriage around the historic neighborhoods of Charleston.

Waterfront Home in Charleston

West Ashley is located just over the Ashley River Bridge from downtown Charleston. There are many exclusive neighborhoods tucked between more affordable alternatives. All are established neighborhoods with mostly older homes. There is a large choice of areas available offering some neighborhoods with views.

Located over the Ravenel Bridge from downtown Charleston, Mt. Pleasant offers enough living comforts and activities that some residents rarely venture to the downtown area. 

North Charleston
Goose Creek & Summerville
Equestrian Home

Goose Creek provides affordable homes to many former military families. There are several affordable golf communities that are convenient to shopping malls and a quick run to the airport. Summerville is a distant part of the Charleston area. Located almost an hour from downtown Charleston, it offers its own downtown area and many housing areas that are as distinct to Summerville as the neighborhoods of Charleston area. North Charleston is being revitalized and it includes a very funky main street with a fun atmosphere. There are some renovated old homes of past military officers now on sale with great water views. The Noisette Project which seems to be at a stand still is considered in this area south of US526.  CharlestonPAR provides realtors who are familiar with these areas if you prefer to live NorthWest of Charleston. Classic Charleston Properties handles luxury properties on the Peninsula and the areas and islands closer to downtown.


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