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clean house

Less family photos and small artwork gives the Buyer more opportunity to envision "their" things in the space rather than wondering & asking about you.



Touch up paint where necessary

Consider removing wallpaper 

Limit the number of pictures and repair the wall if you remove any


Carpeting is cheap to replace, so if it is not looking new, replace it.

Hardwood floors should shine - Bono works great.



Keep counters as empty as possible

Display new towels

Replace old shower curtains or leave without

Display a fat candle tub side 


Make sure your windows are washed or at least no obvious smudges.

Pull back curtains to let the light into each room.


Make your home as light as possible - turn on lights 

Classical music gentle undertones seems to appeal - or silence works as well

Smells from cooking/toast/coffee make it feel like a home


Clean your closets and remove extra clothing.

Hide any liqueur bottles.

Keep your refrigerator clean with no magnet attached items

Get rid of signs of your pet -

bed/water bowls/kitty litter -

pet smells are often a deal breaker.

Many homeowners take their homes off the market for the holidays; this gives you an advantage to list because there are fewer houses on the market and less competition. There are several other reasons to consider putting your home on the market during the holidays:

1. Home buyers may have extra time off during the holiday season, so there is more time to look for a new home.

2. Due to the limited supply of homes for sale, sellers may get a higher purchase offer than expected.

3. Buyers may be highly motivated to buy before the end of the year so they can get extra itemized income-tax deductions for mortgage loan fees, interest and pro-rated property taxes.

4. A decorated home may help a home "show better."

5. Transferees who need to move in January may not be able to wait until the Spring to buy a home; so this could work! 

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