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Closing costs may include the following:

In South Carolina, properties are closed with an attorney. The Buyer usually chooses the attorney and the Seller can either use the same or choose their own. Your Realtor and closing attorney can help explain the costs for closing.  The costs are usually divided between the Buyer and the Seller. Here may be some of the Buyer costs:

THESE ARE APPROXIMATE COSTS - can vary based on size of home


Home Inspection $350-$600  (BUYER)

Wood Infestation Report (commonly referred to as the CL-100 Letter) $100  (BUYER)

Home Warranty $500-$600  (BUYER OR SELLER)

Title Insurance $$1200-$1400   (BUYER)

Attorney Fees $350-$650  (BUYER & SELLER)*

*APPROXIMATE ATTORNEY FEES FOR REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS - will vary depending on attorney - These are average costs but I have seen up to $1700, so check in advance.

Attorney Fee  $350 - $650 (BUYER)    $300 -$400 (SELLER)

Title Insurance Binder  $125

Title Search   $176-200

Closing Protection Letter   $35
Copy/Fax Fees   $25
Wire Fees    

Incoming   $75  
Outgoing   $40

Doc  Prep Fees    $75
Commitment Fee   $35

Title Insurance is usually provided through the closing attorney  $1350 

TOTAL can be around $2000 for the BUYER with Title Insurance, and $300 for the SELLER, but SELLER will have DEED STAMPS to pay based on the purchase price of the home. ( i.e.. $2200 for a $600k sale)

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