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Neighborhood Information for Historic Charleston, South Carolina
Resource for Historic Charleston Homes for Sale



Each downtown Charleston neighborhood is unique. To discover which neighborhood best suits you, check out the statistics of each, its exact location, and the homes for sale that help define the area. Downtown one finds mostly historic Charleston single homes and many larger homes have been divided into condos, but South of Broad remains fairly intact with hidden gardens behind elaborate wrought-iron gates.For more information on home tours, easements, taxes, flood insurance, markers, and streets to see click on the links provided. CLICK here for recent work by city addressing flooding.

South of Broad in Charleston SC Real Estate
South of Broad
South of Broad in Charleston SC Real Estate for Sale

What does South of Broad mean?

South of Broad is a quiet residential area of graceful homes and gardens where carriages meander the cobblestone streets and tourists enjoy hearing about the history of the region. Here lies some of the most prestigious and costly homes in the Charleston area. This area is well-maintained with pristine gardens.

SOB (South of Broad) MAP 

Ansonborough Real Estate in Charleston
French Quarter Real Estate in Charleston
The French Quarter
French Quarter Real Estate for Sale in Charleston

Where is the French Quarter?

The Charleston French Quarter presents numerous theaters and art galleries, historic church steeples, cobblestone streets, cozy restaurants, fashionable retail shops and lively entertainment venues. This area represents what was the original walled city of 1704. Just north of Broad Street and bounded by the old city market and vibrant Meeting and East Bay streets.  

Ghost tours of this area with visits to graveyards and viewing of delightful courtyard gardens are available as well as the popular art walks where one enjoys walking among the original Georgian singles to visit the local galleries. This is city living at its finest. Although the square footage is small, these homes are sought after for their charm and location.  French Quarter MAP

Ansonborough Real Estate for Sale in Charleston

Is Ansonborough downtown Charleston?

From King Street to the Cooper River and from Market Street to Calhoun, this area was the first suburb of the original walled city of Charleston in the 1700s. Over the years this area became delapidated, but in 1959, the Historic Charleston Foundation began a program in the Ansonborough area which became nationally known because of its outstanding neighborhood rehabilitation. The Foundation acquired and restored more than 100 houses, and has since inspired the rehabilitation of many homes here making this a sought-after neighborhood once again.

The neighborhood of Ansonborough is just a short walk to many of Charleston’s finest restaurants and shops. There are some homes with the traditional Charleston gardens, but one will find here brick row-house styled homes, reflecting a European influence.

New condominiums located near the waterfront provide the Ansonborough lifestyle without the maintenance of a house. This area will provide more living space in square footage than the French Quarter. Ansonborough MAP

Harleston Neighborhood in Charleston Real Estate
Harleston Village
Harleston  Real Estate for Sale

Is Harleston Village close to the College? 

Harleston Village is home to the College of Charleston, making it a popular and convenient neighborhood for students who can afford the high cost of living here. Located between Calhoun and Broad, and between King and Lockwood, there is a variety of architecture influences including Italianate, Victorian, Greek Revival, Modern, and Gothic, as well as a variety of housing types including townhouses, converted mansions, single-family homes, and apartments.  Many of the properties are historic and somewhat old inside as well.  Harleston Village MAP

Wraggboro Real Estate in Charleston
Wraggboro Real Estate  for Sale in Charleston
Real Estate in Radcliffborough - Charleston SC
Real Estate for sale in Radcliffborough - Charleston SC

Is it Wraggborough or Wraggsboro?

Mazyck-Wraggborough, the Garden District, is located along the Cooper River side of the peninsula stretching over to just shy of King Street, above Calhoun and below Mary Street. This area is also known as Wraggsboro. Undergoing some renewal now, this is a great place to live if you like to visit the public library often.

It is a hop-skip to the aquarium and a few steps out the door for coffee at a local easy-going cafe. There are mansions here interspersed among charming Charleston singles. This neighborhood has a relaxed feel. Wraggborough MAP

Midtown Real Estate for Sale
Midtown Real Estate in Charleston SC

Like the name, this area will be the new mid area of town. Just off King Cannon and Spring, all the new restaurants and start-up boutiques are coming to this location due to better lease pricing.

Midtown MAP

Charleston Eastside Real Estate
Eastside Real Estate  for Sale in Charleston SC

What does Eastside mean?

Popular for investment purposes, this is a revitalization area with new housing being constructed in pockets within the neighborhood. Located near the Crosstown (17) and the Cooper River side of the peninsula and very close to the Crosstown near the old industrial area of Charleston.  You'll find the cooking school here as well as the Cigar Factory.

Westside Real Estate in Charelston SC

Right alongside Midtown, this area is providing alot of housing for students.

North Central
North Central Real Estate in Charleston SC
North Central Real Estate for Sale in Charleston SC

March up King St. heading under the US17 Crosstown so you don't have to worry about crossing over the busy highway. Quick access to Hwy 26 or the Ravenel Bridge to Mt. Pleasant, this neighborhood extends North

Longborough Real Estate for sale in Charleston SC
Longborough Real Estate in Charleston SC

A new little neighborhood tucked in along the waterfront outside of Wagener Terrace. Cute replicated Charleston single homes, this neighborhood has appeal to those who like the "look" of Charleston but the feel of new.

Which students live in Radcliffeborough? 

Between Calhoun and Morris Street and between Smith and just over King is the Radcliffeborough area. This area provides much housing for both MUSC and the College of Charleston.  MUSC buildings border this area and there are many Charleston single homes used as apartments for students and faculty alike.

Charming Morris Square in located within this district. This is block development divided by a large park-like grass areas.

Radcliffeborough MAP

Elliott- Cannonborough Real Estate in Charleston SC
Elliotborough & Cannonborough
Elliott- Cannonborough Real Estate for Sale in Charleston SC

What's close to MUSC?

From Ashley to just over King and from Morris Street to the Crosstown (hwy 17), Cannonborough and Elliotborough are the choice neighborhoods for those attending or working at MUSC. You will also find some students attending the College of Charleston living here who are trying to escape the steep prices of Harleston Village and Radcliffeborough. Prices are rising fast in this area due to the increasing amount of building activity occuring here. Trying to keep up with the growth of MUSC, many older homes have been modernized to accommodate the demand.

Midtown is located within this area. This is a new block development of modern design. Cannonborough-Elliotborough MAP

Charleston SC Hampton Park
Hampton Park
Hampton Park Real Estate In Charleston SC

Where is Hampton Park and The Citadel?

Pass the crosstown from downtown Charleston on Ashley Avenue, go 5 blocks and turn left into tree lovers paradise of Hampton Park. The neighborhood surrounding this park carries the same name, and it is located right next to The Citadel.

Wagener Terrace Real Estate for sale in Charleston SC
Wagener Terrace
Wagener Terrace Real Estate in Charleston SC

Is that spelled Wagener Terrace?

Yes, and the neighborhood is as unusual as the name. Filled with homes built in the 50's, one feels the history here as there is a lot of character in these homes. A very congenial neighborhood group with a nice cross-section of young families and other ages.


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