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Currently South of the Crosstown and the Hampton Park Terrace area is divided into residential parking zones and inside each zone every residential home is entitled to two parking permits. They can then park in that zone any day and all day with the exception of street sweeping days.  If you want to know about public parking garages, click here.

How to get a Parking Permit?

Head to the DMV building on Lockwood Blvd. next to the full-service Marriott and across from Brittlebank Park and the Joe. Permits cost $10 each and you will need to show that taxes have been paid on the residence or provide your closing statement. You'll need your drivers license and registration and make sure you don't have any outstanding parking tickets. Your sticker is placed on the interior right side of the windshield so the parking maids can easily view it.

Parking Garages Charleston
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