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 Upscale Luxury Island Neighborhood near Mt. Pleasant & Charleston, SC

Dewees Island Real Estate Resource Guide



Located just a 10 minute boat ride from Isle of Palms, this naturalist island is paradise with 2 1/2 miles of unspoiled, wide, pristine beaches and dunes, and a maritime forest. This is an island of residents dedicated to environmental preservation. The guest accommodations, restaurant, community library, and swimming pool are all offered by the Huyler House. There is a nature center within the community center, and tennis is also available.The Lagoon is an active migratory path to observe. 

Residents use the ferry boat or personal boats to arrive and depart the island, and travel on the island by golf cart, bike or foot, as there are no cars allowed on the island.

Homes available on Dewees Island.

There are closing costs and assessments for properties on Dewees. Lots are assessed for water & sewer yearly based on the size of the lot.

There is an Environmental Fee paid on each real estate closing. The fee is usually shared equally between Buyer and Seller. The fee is used to fund a full-time Naturalist’s salary and housing, and to cover environmental issues on the island.

Dewees Island Real Estate

Located just off the beach of Isle of Palms, this oceanfront community has the highest regard for the natural habitat and wildlife which inhabit the shoreline. The size of the lots average two acres with a limit* to the size of home that can be placed on the property. Restricted by the Island Covenant, only 150 homesites will ever be available on Dewees, and only a handful of properties remain. Houses are restricted to 5000 sq. feet of living space in addition to the porches and decks. 

The beach and oceanfront homes offer a relaxed and peaceful environment for people who delight in escaping the hustle and bustle of the Isle of Palms, but can also appreciate the close-by convenience. Although it may sound inconvenient to travel to and fro by ferry or private boat, the island residents actually cherish the secluded peace and natural beauty of this beachfront get-a-way.

A full-time naturalist lives on the island and works with owners and guests with an educational program. The island is a fall flyway for birds and one often spots osprey, eagles, wood storks, wading birds, owls, ducks, seagulls, and assorted raptors. Wildlife includes bobcats, foxes, deer, raccoons, alligators, and snakes.  Summer Camps is available for children of all ages and field trips are offered during the year for school kids once a week.


 CLICK on MAP  for directions to Dewees Island.

*The homes are surrounded by natural vegetation as there are no lawns allowed. Lots have restricted use of only 7500 sq. ft. of the lot for building.

POA fees (for either a lot or a home)  include unlimited use of the ferry for owners. Some guests and workers pay for riding the ferry.

 MLS home offerings on Dewees Island.

Water & Sewer (Standby Fees for lots-see above) is paid annually. Meters determine the fees for homes. The water system comes from 2 deep-water wells with 100,000-gallon holding tank. There is a reverse osmosis system on the water supply and septic/sewer system that is being studied and will receive modifications.

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The Dewees Island residents own the marina facility on the Isle of Palms that offers transportation between Isle of Palms and the community owned dock of Dewees Inlet. It is a first-come, first-serve shuttle. Dockage is available for rental on Isle of Palms side, but there is no charge to dock at Dewees Inlet, however, boats must be smaller than 25 feet and without a head.

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